The Bonus Mom, Marissa Briscoe


Thanks for taking the time to look through my blog. You can expect to find many posts that go beyond just parenting. Though, those of us that are mothers don’t think too much into it; we are all much more than just moms. Please take a chance to look everything over and let me know any feedback you may have!

There will be more information in the “About Me” section but just a brief introduction.┬áMy name is Marissa and I am a mom of three. The reason that I started my blog was to try to connect with fellow bonus parents, AKA step-parents. I am a mom of soon to be 3, one of my children just happened to be born before I met her. We have a crazy busy life and don’t think I’ll ever have a shortage of material to write about. You can expect to see posts about many different parenting and mothering topics, but I will always keep the discussion open about being a bonus mom. There are so many trials that come with being “the other mom” and I don’t feel like there’s ever been enough support out there for it. I would love to keep the dialog open, so please message or comment with any feedback, questions, or just to share your experience of being a bonus parent.

There are MANY different subjects I plan to blog about. So many that I can even begin to make a list. I encourage you to follow my blog and I can assure you that you wont be disappointed!

Thank you for taking the time to visit!